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High Security Locks

Most locks can be picked or bumped under a minute and no break in signs are left behind! Can you afford taking this risk?

Understanding the difference between a regular or basic security lock and a high security lock such as Medeco or Mul-T-lock will make it easier for you to determine if you should change or upgrade your existing locks.

Basic security locks

  • Usually bought at local hardware shops, therefore making it easier for the bad guys to get the same keys and replacement parts in order to use them to penetrate other locks.
  • Provides no key control: Anyone can make copies anywhere
  • Does not provide much security against lock picking, bumping or drilling

High Security locks

  • Generally cannot be purchasesd at local hardware shops, therefore making it harder to get tools, parts and keys that can be used to defeat the lock.
  • Provides key control: When you purchase a true high security lock it comes with a magnetic card which is registered to your name, making you the only one authorized to make key copies, no place can make a copy of that key without the magnetic card and your consent.
  • Excellent security, virtually unpickable, bumpable or drillable.

High security locks are used vastly across the world but not so much around South Florida. Yes high security locks are relatively more expensive then your average basic lock, but if you consider your security and your loved ones security, then the high price tag becomes a secondary factor. Would you compromise your security for a couple hundred dollars? I would not and I don’t recommend you do.

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